Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, Quiet Time How Much I Value You

I've mentioned in previous posts the constant issues with noise while living with roommates. The times when you most crave the peace and quiet is usually the time when everyone else decides to be their loudest. I know it's never intentional, but at least that's what it seems like. I know I'm not the only one who likes peace and quiet. All university students need a break once and awhile, from homework, paper, studying, working, whatever else they do. And when living with roommates, the times when it is quiet and you can get some peace is the most valuable thing ever.

There's about a two hour gap on Wednesdays when I'm the only one home. The rest of my roommates are at class between four and six. I get home from class at four, check our in and out board to see who's home. I always relish in the fact that my name tag is the only one in the in slot. It's so quiet in the house; it gives me chills, in a good way. Now, mind you, I'm not about to start running around singing and dancing because I have the house to myself. I don't do something crazy when I'm home alone. Usually, and I'm not exaggerating, I lay in bed. I don't sleep, because then my sleep at night gets messed up. I just lay in bed, basking in the golden silence. Sometimes I put on the television, and watch whatever I feel like. Other times, I put on music, my own choice of music that no one can complain about because there's no one around to complain. This is by far my favourite time of the entire week. Sure, once and awhile, I actually do work during my quiet time. I can get a good chunk of an essay done or study in silence. But most of the time, I do nothing.

I know that I'm not the only one who values some personal time. I decided as my little piece of advice today to offer some suggestions of what to do with your own alone time.

1. Read a novel, poem, or anything you've been wanting to catch up on.
2. Listen to music, whatever you choose for your mood.
3. Work on a hobby that you've neglected in the past.
4. Write, call, or email someone you haven't spoken to lately.
5. I also suggest using the time for self-reflection or mediation.


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